Designing your own wedding and engagement ring can be an extremely rewarding experience.  At Annie Broadway Jewellery Design Studio, the amount of input you have into the creative process is entirely up to you.

Using Annie's contemporary design perspective, you will be guided along the design process to produce a unique design that will stand the test of time.

Initial discussions at the Studio will focus on working through different design ideas and options with you - to ensure that the design of your engagement ring is uniquely special to you.  These ideas will be realised through sketched drawings.  Once you have chosen the design of your ring, we will move onto the final phase of the design process - a 3-dimensional photo-realistic image of your beautiful unique engagement ring.

Once the collaborative design process is complete, Annie Broadway will commence hand manufacturing your ring in the Studio's onsite workshop.

Inspirations often occur in the form you least expect....shapes, colours, objects, nature...